Women love this book

Click image to read a sample of Impotent NOT. You also can purchase your copy at Amazon,

Click image to read a sample of “Impotent NOT” to decide if it’s right for you and your sweetheart. You also can purchase your copy at Amazon,

More women than men are buying IMPOTENT NOT”, six out of 10 purchasers, in fact, are female. Their ages range from 24 to 78 with most falling into the 50-to-70 category.

That leaves four out of 10 book buyers as men, most of them between the ages of 28 and 82 as they reported it to us in a voluntary survey.

“This isn’t entirely surprising as intimacy is a two-way street – when men can’t perform sexually women pay the price, too,” says Derek Clontz, author of the book.

Nick and Sally, the married couple and online discussion-group leaders who are featured in “IMPOTENT NOT” , which is subtitled, Electrifying sex with physical limitations, our experts tell how“, agree, adding:

“When Nick became impotent after suffering an injury in an automobile accident, it became clear that we had to work together to restore physical intimacy to our relationship, not through intercourse, which had become impossible, but through creative ‘touching-and-communicating strategies’ that brought us closer together and actually increased our physical intimacies and expressions of love.

“Before the accident, we  ‘had sex’ two or three times a week. Now we make love every day – without intercourse, but, and we agree on this, still far and away the best sex ever for both of us.

“Even couples who aren’t dealing with impotence have something to gain. We show you ways to increase and enhance your intimacy and strengthen your relationship generally. People are always telling us, ‘You saved our marriage. You helped us rekindle our love affair. We’re like teenagers again.’

“That’s important.'”

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