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Intimacy secrets of couples with physical challenges – Derek Clontz’s warm and wonderful book is changing lives daily

Click image to read a sample of Impotent NOT at Amazon.com

Click image to read a sample of Impotent NOT at Amazon.com

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“I was afraid your book might be graphic or offensive but I was desperate. Thank goodness you handled this subject matter delicately. There’s not a word or sentence that offended me, not one. My wife is very shy in this area and she liked it, too. We are working on they ideas page by page. I recommend this to everyone who has challenges.” – B.P., Sacramento

“The advice in your book is wholesome enough for a devout Christian like me. My husband was very depressed and so was I. Your book has us on a different track. He’s happy. I’m happy. Even his doctor asked him why he had gotten so happy again. I sure am glad we found you.” – P.Y., Birmingham

“I thought my husband was going to commit suicide after his prostate surgery. I begged him to see a psychiatrist because he kept saying the estrogen therapy he’s taking to keep the cancer from coming back was turning him into a woman. Your book has given him a new way to see things. We are working on all the steps and so far, so good. I recommend it to anyone. It’s give us hope.” – V.B., Nashville

“As a sex therapist I use many tools to help my patients. Your book is now part of my ‘introduction and orientation kit’ for all new patients.” – G.H., Washington

“You have healed heartaches of a magnitude you can’t imagine, Mr. Clontz. Or, maybe you can imagine. Every couple should read your book on relationships and intimacy, not just those who have physical challenges.” – K.L., Detroit

“Let me tell you what I like about your book. Every page of it. I thank you. My wife thanks you. You have given me back my life.” – W.S., Virginia Beach

“My husband’s doctor recommended you and it’s made all the difference in the world. I feel close, really close, to him (my husband) for the first time since he had his prostate surgery in 2011. We appreciate what you are doing for couples like us. We had lost hope.” – R.F., Oklahoma City 

“Your book is a Godsend. My husband feels like a man again and his depression is lifting, two things I wouldn’t have thought possible after all these years. I’m certain God has guided you in writing this book. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – P.K. Austin

“I’m not impotent but I bought a copy of your book and I love it. My wife and I are going over every page and applying your thinking about touching and communication and experimentation to our relationship. The chapter you call ‘$5 Cure for a Dull Marriage’ is brilliant.” – J.V., Reno

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“After reading your book together my husband and I were intimate for the first time since he became impotent in 1997. God bless you, Mr. Clontz. I feel loved and wanted again and so does my husband. I am telling everyone I know to read your book. It’s a beautiful approach to a difficult problem. Thank you!” – R.T., New York City

“I had given up on ever making love again until I read your book. When I snuggled up to my wife she couldn’t figure out what in the world was happening it had been so long. Before the evening was over, I felt like a real man again and she was so overcome with emotion that tears were streaming down her face. I never thought a book could help someone like me. I only wish I’d read it years ago.” – B.P., Kansas City

“My husband was embarrassed when I told him I bought your book and he refused to read it, so I started reading it myself, first silently to myself and then out loud. After 15 minutes or so my husband said, ‘All right already. I’ll read it,too.’ We couldn’t stop flipping the pages. By bedtime we were ready to start experimenting as you suggested. You said the book would change our lives. You were right. There are millions of men and women in the world who would benefit from this book. I hope to God they find it.” – K.C., Toronto 

“I thought sex was impossible without an erection. Your book changed my mind. Thank you, Derek. You’ve made my life worth living again. My wife couldn’t be happier. God bless you.” – P.D., London

“This is the best self-help book I’ve ever seen. It’s fun to read and the tips and advice and anecdotes made me feel comfortable and confident with the subject matter. My wife and I are closer than we’ve been in years and much less stressed. Everyone at work keeps asking me, ‘What’s got you so calm and happy?’ I feel great. My wife wants you to know that next to me, you’re the most important man in her life because of what you’ve done for us.” – W.E., Los Angeles

“I was afraid your book would be too racy for my husband and me but it isn’t. You handled the topic of physical intimacy without sexual intercourse in a mature way and everything is uplifting and intelligent. I’ve even given a copy to my pastor to use in a church class on ‘how to improve your marriage and build a stronger relationship’. ” – H.L., Atlanta

“My husband isn’t impotent but we can’t have intercourse because I’ve gone through menopause and it’s painful for me. Your book has really helped us find new and exciting ways to be physical while avoiding ‘going all the way’. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We’re thrilled with our results.” – J.G., Chicago

“What I like about your book is that you don’t throw a bunch of weird sex techniques at us. Instead, you show us new ways to think so that we can express our love physically in ways that are comfortable for us and make sense to us. We paid over $5,000 to a sex therapist and didn’t get advice this good.” – D.R., Phoenix

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