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Click image to buy the book at Amazon.

Click image to buy the book at Amazon.

Impotent NOT, the blog, is an adjunct to Derek Clontz’s important and riveting new book, “IMPOTENT NOT: Electrifying sex with physical challenges, our experts tell you how.”

Derek Clontz's new book

Derek Clontz

It is hosted by the happily married couple featured in the book, “Nick and Sally” – whose names, owing to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, have been changed in order to protect their privacy.

You can buy the book as an instant download at Amazon by clicking its cover (left) on this page.

You can read it on your Kindle, or, if you don’t have a Kindle, on your computer screen with free software from Amazon.

The download takes a few seconds. It’s safe and secure. We use it ourselves. Click FREE Kindle Reader for My Computer. It’s just that easy.

Next, read Nick’s and Sally’s story and find out how they have overcome Nick’s impotence by teaching themselves to enjoy sex in healthful, wholesome, non-conventional ways, not just occasionally, but on a daily basis, without having intercourse.

As you’ll see, they enjoy more and greater intimacy now than they did before Nick lost the ability to get an erection suitable for love-making. They can help you do the same.

You also can participate in our online support and discussion group by asking questions and contributing comments, strategies and experiences of your own. Use the comment boxes on this blog. Your privacy and confidentiality are assured, just as they are for Nick and Sally.


2 thoughts on “Find out what we are all about

  1. Kristopher says:

    I was born with a birth defect in my penis; my left artery that allows blood to flow into the penis is too narrow. Even as a teenager I was mildly impotent. Now at 37 my impotence is severe. I hope this site is a good support as Ive been dealing with this since 13 years old. Thank you for your attention to this problem. I look forward to reader Mr. Clontz’s book.

    Thank you for writing, Kristopher. We’ll do our best to help you. Keep in touch. – Nick

  2. Diamond says:

    I just started dating an amazing man. He had prostate cancer and had his prostate gland removed before I met him. He knows that I care about him. I try to make love to him, kissing, touching and orally. I know he is feeling me, but he doesn’t seem to know anything other than penetration and, as I’ve said, he is no longer able to penetrate. He is still upset with his doctor from four years ago that said the surgery would not effect his sex life – it did, and still does. What can I do?

    Diamond – get Derek’s book. That will answer EVERY question for you and your man. If you need specific help, write to us again. Nick will be happy to help your guy with some upbeat “coaching”. You are addressing your problem directly, my friend. You will succeed! – Sally

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