Impotent NOT: Electrifying intimacy with physical limitations – new book tells you how

Derek Clontz's new book, Impotent Not, Electrifying Sex With Physical Challenges, Our Experts Tell You How

Now on sale at Amazon – “Impotent NOT” from Derek Clontz will change your life. For women and the men who love them – and vice versa.

You don’t have to give up sex simply because you have lost the ability to engage in intercourse. In “Impotent NOT: Electrifying sex with physical limitations, our experts tell you how“, you’ll find out how to enjoy warm, wonderful, beautiful, healing and, yes, even electrifying intimacies every day of your life by changing ever-so-slightly the ambitions and focus of your attentions.

Derek Clontz's new book

Derek Clontz

And you might just find that as your love life improves from not-so-good to best-sex-ever, your entire relationship with your mate gets better and better. Sexual incompatibility wrecks relationships. It must be addressed. It has to be dealt with. And we tell you how.

As you read, keep an open mind.

Think about the strategies we discuss and how you might apply them creatively in your life.

Whatever you do, don’t feel “alone”.

Impotence and erectile dysfunction are serious challenges with studies telling us that 152 million men (and women) worldwide – including at least 15 million American men – are frustrated by the inability to engage in intercourse on any given day.

For some, the problem passes. For some, it comes and goes.

For others, it is a permanent and life-long condition.

The good news is, you can overcome it, starting right now, today.

Our advice and strategies work. Don’t wait for lightning to strike. Act now. You have nothing to lose but your frustration, embarrassment and loneliness.

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